How will I know if implants can be done in my case?

The implant exam and consultation will evaluate your mouth with a clinical exam and an x-ray exam in order to determine your potential for implants. This exam will also be where you can discuss what type of implant replacement will work best for you.The x-ray exam will be able to show how much bone is present in the locations where you will need implants placed. The x-ray won’t be able to accurately show bone density.

How long can implants last?

Different long term research studies have shown that implants which have been placed in good bone can last for a patient’s lifetime. However, some implants can fail if the quality of the bone wasn’t good, if there was too much bite stress for too few implants or implants which weren’t long enough for the demands of a given case.

Why is there a 3-6 month waiting period before the implants can be built upon?

There is the need for the implants to attach to the bone by a process which was originally described as osseointegration. The length of time for this waiting period varies with the quality of bone that is present where the implants were placed.

Is there any pain when the implants are surgically placed?

There should be no pain when the implants are placed. In most cases, a local anesthetic (like novocain) is all that is needed.

Is there any pain after the anesthetic has worn off?

Patients have feeling which ranges from discomfort to pain. The variation depends on the number of implants placed, their location as well as a patient’s tolerance for pain.

If I wore a full or partial denture before the implant surgery, can I wear it afterwards?

Post-surgical swelling may interfere with wearing a full or partial denture immediately after the surgery or until after the swelling has gone done. Each case varies and therefore, this should be discussed with your implant surgeon.

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